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We have a top notch management team.

Our managers are dedicated to making your stay with us both memorable and enjoyable. In addition to the efforts of our managers, the ownership group takes a hands on approach to ensuring the very most in aesthetics and luxury at The Ranch at South Fork.

Nancy, a native Arizona resident moved back after 20 years in the northeast. She has worked at a Senior Center for 12 years and is the proud parent of her daughter Tisha who is a Junior at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Paul is from Phoenix and worked many years in the automotive industry as a parts manager, service advisor and BMW Automotive Technician then moved to Houston, TX in 1997 where he worked as a computer Network Administrator until October 2011.

Paul and Nancy have family in the area, are true animal lovers and have a horse on the ranch (Zazoo) as well as Corgis (Reagan and Riley) and a cat (Misty) and all are enjoying the benefits of living in Arizona's beautiful White Mountains.

Meet The Owners

The owners of The Ranch at South Fork are a group of eight families from the Phoenix area who wanted to have a vacation spot in The White Mountains and were lucky enough to find The Ranch at South Fork for sale. After buying the ranch, they restored all of the cabins to their original level of comfort and luxury, and even added several amenities such as hot tubs, and stocking the private pond with fish every year. With the much valued assistance of the managers, they have turned the ranch into one of the best and most luxurious family vacation spots in The White Mountains. The owners regularly come up from the Valley to get out of the heat and relax in the peaceful South Fork setting.

History of The Ranch at South Fork

South Fork has been a secluded hideaway for many decades, nestled down in a valley between Greer and Springerville, unless you know its there, you would drive right by the turn off without having any idea that there is such a beautiful settlement following the South Fork of The Little Colorado River through the valley. Even though South Fork sits just a little over three miles from Greer, it still remains one of Arizona's best kept secrets. The ranch itself has gone through a few owners over the years, it was the Murphy Ranch for many years owned by Carl Murphy until he sold it to a land devloper who wanted to turn the property into a luxury subdivision. His plans met with strong opposition because the few residents of South Fork didn't want their paradise destroyed by the multitude of houses that were planned for the ranch. The development of the property never came to be and the ranch stayed very similar to how it had been for many years, just a few very nice cabins on the property and the rest of the land stayed unspoiled. With the prospects of development gone, the ranch was put up for sale and eight families from the Phoenix area got together and bought the ranch and have since restored the existing cabins to their former beauty and luxury. They have turned the ranch into a beautiful place for a peaceful family vacation.

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